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편집위원장: 변영환(건국대학교)
Editor-in-Chief: Yung Hwan Byun(Konkuk University)

편집이사: 박정선(한국항공대학교), 권진회(경상대), 조진연(인하대)
Deputy Editor-In-Chief: Jung Sun Park(Korea Aerospace University), Jin-Hwe Kweon (Gyeongsang National University) Jin Yeon Cho(Inha University)

Aim and Scope:
This journal is a monthly publication of the Korean Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences(KSAS). This multi-disciplinary journal aims to enhance and foster the sciences and technologies on aeronautical and space through the publication of original research papers and review articles disclosing new advancements in theoretical, computational and experimental research. Topics of interest include all aspects of aerospace science and technology, which include acoustics, aerodynamics and fluid mechanics, structural dynamics and aeroelasticity, structures and materials, flight dynamics, guidance and control, flight simulation and operations, combustion and propulsion, thermomechanics and reacting flows, airworthiness and maintenance, avionics, aerospace telecommunications, space exploration, research instrumentation and facilities. The journal also addresses the ground and flight tests of aerospace systems including aircraft, air ship, helicopter, MEMS, missile, satellite, rocket, and UAV. Papers are selected for publication through a peer review process, and submitted articles are judged on the basis of technical originality, quality of exposition and significance of the results by the editors.